Real Money Online Casino Canada Percentage Payout Slot Machines

How to Find the Highest Percentage Payout Slot Machines

It’s so fun and easy to play a real money slot and win big money online! But before you decide to replenish your casino account with real money and play with it, learn how to find the payout percentage on a slot machine to choose the most profitable one. Slots differ significantly not only in the slot payout percentage but in the manner these figures are reached. In this article, we’ll tell you where to look at and what to consider to familiarize yourself with Canadian slot machine payouts.

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What is RTP and How It Works

There’s hardly a game of chance that is easier to play than slots. You just shove in some coins and hit the “play” button. The results will be clear very soon, and you may take your win or try again. Soon enough, you’ll notice that some of the highest percentage payout slot machines let you win more often, and others have bigger prizes. And sure, some machines are more generous than others. To win more, you should stick with loose slots, i.e., slot machines with the highest percentage of payout.

The “Return to player” index shows how much money the machine will return to you over a certain number of games. Of course, this index is not a guarantee of scheduled wins, and various machines have their own methods of working. The RTP slots have depend on three main factors:

  • Volatility
  • House Edge
  • Hit Frequency

The combination of these indexes provides slot machines payouts, their frequency and amount. Let’s understand how these indexes work.


This index shows how risky the game is for the player. It shows the frequency of significant wins a certain slot machine has. When we’re talking about high volatility (or variance), it means the player may have a long series of lost games, but when they win, the sum is significant. Slots with low volatility hit winning combinations more often, but the prize would be moderate.

House Edge

House edge shows the advantage a casino has over players. The lower the index, the better slot machine odds are for gamblers. The gambling industry is an extremely profitable one, and if you find a top online casino with a significant pool of players, the house edge might be great. So, check the list of the best casinos to ensure an easy start.

Hit Frequency

The hit frequency term is used to describe how often the machine stops on any winning combination. The best payout online slots with high volatility would have a hit frequency of approximately 20%, and low volatility machines are closer to 40%.

With this in mind, what slot machines payout the most often? The answer would be the one with low volatility and high hit frequency in the casino with a low house edge. However, you can win more if you play with bigger money on a high volatility slot.

Knowing these factors in advance may help you decide on your strategy and budget, as slots with the highest payout percentage give back at various frequencies and in different amounts.

How Do I Find the Highest Payout Online Slot Machines?

The way to choose the best slot machine starts with choosing a reputable casino. You don’t want to spend your money in one with a house edge that is too high or experience trouble with payouts. What you need to check when choosing a casino:

  • All the needed licenses should be in place. There are certain standards a licensed casino must follow to keep working, and they are developed to protect a player. Casinos with the highest slot payouts should undergo regular audits and work in accordance with the Responsible Gambling policy.
  • The best slot machines to play are made by well-known developers. Check for the names like NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, and others from the list of industry leaders.
  • If you’re a fan of mobile playing, look for a casino that provides an app with Android slots or a mobile version of the site, so you can play the best payout slot machines on the go.

When you’ve chosen a casino, look for the game rules to learn what is the best payout slot machine on the site. You may also try to look for the numbers in the game’s specifications on the developer’s site. Another way to get more info is to search for the players’ feedback online; even without the specifics, certain games’ names will appear more often than others. Slots with the best payout would be well-known to the site’s regular users.

As we’ve described earlier, the highest payout slot machines work differently. So, you need to understand what strategy to choose for a particular slot. To do this, you may use free spins to detect the highest payout slot machines for your manner of playing. When you understand the dynamics of the game you’re testing, it will be easier to adjust your strategy and win big money playing on the highest percentage payout slot machines. Don’t forget to claim your welcome bonus and use it to get the gist of the game.


How do slot machines work? Is there a way to guarantee winning with some kind of strategy? The best payout slots, or loose ones, won’t require much effort to win, though the size of the prize can be moderate. You may also try slots with high volatility and try to win big money with bigger bets, but the frequency of winnings would be lower. That’s why you need to know more about the game to try and get the best slot machine payouts possible playing online.

Remember that it is important to play at the best casino sites that provide you with better odds and easy and fast payouts. Don’t forget to constantly check on special offers and promotions to try more games and multiply your funds.