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All You Need to Know About French Roulette Online Canada

French roulette appeared very first, and it is possible to say that it was this wheel of fortune that became the prototype of the very popular American and European roulette today. The minds of all of Europe in the 19th century were busy and involved in this game, and today almost everyone can practice and try their luck at French roulette online in a decent virtual casino. Of course, today this game is much more dynamic than it was before, which is why it has so many fans. Let's see in as much detail as possible what kind of game this is, study where it is better to play French roulette online real money, what bets it has, strategies, and basic rules. This is all very important to know before you decide to start playing the game.

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Quick Guide on How to Play Online French Roulette for Real Money

Every next roulette round begins with the bets. They can be of different types: on the number, colour, zero, etc. The game won’t start before you choose the bet. When the bets are made, French roulette runs, and the ball starts spinning on 36 cells. If it stops on one of the cells the player was betting on, the player wins.

French roulette online is considered the best choice for players who want to win real money. It is known to be profitable thanks to its 2 rules that always increase player’s chances of winning big amounts:

  • En Prison is the most important rule. Its main principle is the following: when you are lucky to catch the ball on the 0 sector, the bets are declared as in jail, and the bet will be lost if the ball stops on zero again. Still, if the ball stops on some other number during the next spin, the player will get a full bet.
  • La Partage is one more interesting rule, specific for the French roulette online. It means that the player may get half of his bet after the ball stops on zero. This increases the French roulette payout.

Both French roulette rules make the game player-oriented, so the RTP rate is about 98.65%, which is high enough if to compare this one with American roulette. In general, the casino in French roulette receives 1.35% of the bet amount. In similar European and American roulettes, this percentage is much higher.

French Roulette Odds and Payouts

French roulette odds do not have any specifics. They are almost the same as in the European version of the game because the wheel is numbered from 1 to 36 with black and red sections and one green for zero. If you make a bet on one number, your winning odds will be equal to 2,63%. Betting on even numbers may bring odds equal to 47,37% in case of the winning. The different situation is with the La Partage rule because it may lower the house edge to 1,32%.

In the French roulette casino game, it is important to track the house edge. It will help you to define how to make a bet and how big it should it be. Usually, the house edge of French roulette is close to 2,6%, which is quite good.

French Roulette Bets Variations

french roulette online casino in Canada

This online game is quite diverse because of a great variety of bets allowed for one spin of the wheel. Every time it is possible to make different bets, and each of them will be different in terms of odds and payouts. Players make bets on a French roulette table, and they differ depending on location – inside or outside. Let’s see what the main differences between these two bet types are.

Inside French Roulette Bets

These bets you make inside the number’s cells, and it is possible to bet on one number or even on a group of numbers. Also, within the inside bets, one could consider straight-up bets. It allows for making one or more chips on the same number. Of course, it sounds very risky, but if you win, which is possible only in 2,7% of cases, you will get a lot of 35:1. There is also a split bet, where the wager is split between neighbouring numbers. The winning chances of such bets are equal to 5,4% as the ball should stop on one of two numbers. Other types of bets are Double Street, Trio, and the Corner, but they are less popular than those we discussed above.

Outside Bets

When you play French roulette online, you should be aware of outside bets as well. With such bets, you can choose different numbers based on their colour, value, and other parameters. The payout ratio can be a bit lower, but it is not a problem.

As far as you can see, none of the bet types has zero. Why is it so? Because if the ball stops on zero, you will automatically lose.

French Roulette Online Bonuses

We did thorough research on reliable online casinos which offer players a French roulette game and exciting bonuses. Canadian players can expect to receive generous bonuses just after registration. They can come in the form of free spins or deposits and no deposit bonuses. In the case of deposit bonuses, you should receive some bonus cash from the casino for the several first account replenishments. For beginners, it would be perfect to find a gambling site with no deposit bonus as it allows them to try the game without investments from the player’s side. Unfortunately, in this case, it is necessary to pay attention to wagering requirements as they exist.

Which Is Best: European, American, or French Roulette?

Now it is high time to determine the main difference between American roulette and French roulette. Also, we won’t forget about the European one. Let’s start with American roulette. This type of game has a bad house edge; it is equal to 5,25%. Still, if you make inside bets, you will notice that the house edge is just the same.

French roulette is famous for its rules, which are En Prison and La Partage, which are helpful for players and raise their winning chances.

Finally, European and French roulettes have many things in common while the American one has a double zero sector. The first two roulette variants are better for beginners, while the last one is mainly for experienced players. But tastes can be different, and you should decide which online roulette for real money is best for you.

Mobile French Roulette & Gambling Apps

online french roulette for real money

Now let’s talk about the mobile versions of the online French roulette real money game. Smartphones are an important part of modern life, and the same is happening in terms of online casinos. They all tend to keep up with the latest tendencies and develop special online roulette gambling apps or just make their websites mobile-friendly. It is a very convenient way for players to play on the go.

All top-rated sites offer their gamblers a real chance to play premium French roulette for real money on smartphones and tablets. In the majority of cases, you do not need to install a native application and can run the site from your mobile browser. The gaming experience and winning chances are just the same.

How to Pick an Online Casino for French Roulette

Picking the best online casino to play French roulette is one of the most important steps, as it is necessary to analyze the site from different perspectives. We have compiled the list of the most important criteria to keep in mind:

Safety and Security

All top-rated casino sites use the latest SSL certificates, the main task of which is to protect the personal information of players online. A reliable site will never share the personal information of its clients with third parties.


Bonuses are very important for all gamblers, not only for beginners. When you play a French roulette real money game, you can expect to get big welcome bonuses after the account registration and the ability to take part in monthly promotions and in loyalty programs. So, before you decide to sign up to play casino games, check what the site offers in terms of no deposit and deposit bonuses and compare these offers.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Payment options are also important. Be ready to check which systems (Visa and MasterCard, PayPal, etc.) are used to deposit and withdraw winnings, as they can be different. Also, the payout time may depend on the payment method used, so check these terms as well.

Mobile Compatibility

This aspect makes sense to all mobile casino players. If you play mostly on your mobile phone or tablet, make sure that the website you choose has an application or has adapted its website for smartphones.


How do I place my bets for online roulette?

There are different variants of making bets while playing French roulette online. First of all, you should decide on inside or outside bets, think over the strategy you would like to use, and after that, start betting.

How is French roulette different?

The French roulette differs from European and American variants of its unique rules and much higher RTP rate. This game is more player-oriented.

Can you legally play roulette online?

In Canada, you can play French roulette legally if you choose a legal online casino that operates under the license.